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‘Gender-fluidity’: Free Kirk accuses Scots political elites of virtue-signalling, indoctrination and demonising opposition

Photo: Rev David Robertson

Rev David Robertson

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland has written to Nicola Sturgeon calling for a debate on ‘gender-fluidity’ after the First Minister announced that an SNP Government would ensure Scots could change their gender to something other than male or female.

In his letter Rev David Robertson said that the ordinary people of Scotland regarded ‘gender fluidity’ as “nonsense” and that parents “already have enough problems” raising kids without the Scottish Government “creating this kind of confusion”.

The Dundee-based minister could not hide his disbelief that the First Minister has already ruled out a debate on the issue, and urged Miss Sturgeon to reconsider before the State imposes wholesale changes on society.

Mr Robertson also revealed that he had already received hate mail a matter of hours after speaking out against the reforms announced yesterday.

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In a letter to the First Minister, the Free Kirk Moderator wrote: “Your words suggest that you think that even having such a debate should not be permitted in a modern ‘progressive’ Scotland. It seems to me that you and the political elites in Scotland are seeking to close down any debate.  There is no rational, no reasoning, no looking at evidence.

“Like your ‘debate’ last night it is just emotion, virtue signalling and demonising anyone who dares to question. If you doubt that let me show you the hate mail and abuse I have received even from last night.

“We need to discuss and think about the kind of changes we are imposing upon our society.

“Can I ask that if you really want a debate that you don’t just debate with those who already agree with you, but actually take time to debate with those who disagree? Would you be willing to debate myself and others?”

Mr Robertson added: “The trouble is not with transgender or those who suffer from gender dysphoria. We would encourage the Government to provide support and the right kind of help for those who struggle with gender identity disorder. It is a serious problem and people do need help.

“The problem is that you seem to have accepted the whole philosophy of gender fluidity. Is it now the policy of the SNP that there are no longer two genders, male and female, but many genders?  And that people can choose to switch between as many of them as they wish?

“Your statement seems to indicate that you now accept the unproven and somewhat bizarre notion that even children get to choose their own gender and sexuality.   We believe that if this policy is accepted and acted upon, it will result in confusion and brokenness amongst our children rather than fulfilled potential.

“Last night Kezia Dugdale said she wants LGBT issues to be taught not just in social education but also in every subject – in English, History, and Maths etc.

“This is nothing more than total indoctrination and as all the speakers said, they want teachers to be re-educated (indoctrinated) so that they can indoctrinate our children. Can you imagine the fuss that would be created if we suggested that Christianity should be taught in and through every subject in school?

“Teaching children they can choose their own gender is itself a form of child abuse.”

The Free Kirk Moderator continued: “For me the most disturbing part of your speech is the statement that ‘enabling young people to make informed choices about their gender and sexual identity is about supporting them to be themselves so that they might fulfil their potential’.

“I believe in this statement you are out of touch with the vast majority of people in Scotland. We do not believe that we choose our gender, or that we are assigned it at birth, as though a doctor is picking gender for us. Gender, like skin colour is something that we are born with.

“This week I became a granddad. My granddaughter was not ‘assigned’ gender at birth, as though she were being given a name. She IS a girl. She is not one of several genders that she can get to pick and choose as she pleases later on, according to some societal construct or government edict.

“To teach that girl when she is five years old that she has the ability to choose whether she will be a boy or girl or one of the other 26 genders on Facebook, is to create a world of confusion, distortion and insanity.

“If you ask the ordinary people of Scotland about ‘gender fluidity’ I suspect you will find that most people regard it as nonsense.  As parents we already have enough problems bringing up our children without the State creating this kind of confusion.”

The Free Kirk Moderator concluded: “In a very short space of time we have moved from having fixed genders to letting children choose their own gender. Now we are moving from gender being male and female to gender fluidity. When will it stop?

“Unless someone has the courage to say, ‘stop this nonsense, enough!’ we will find that our political, media and social elites will have led us down a path that inevitably leads to destruction.

“Today is April the 1st. Reading that the Scottish Government intends to add a ‘third’ gender would make me wonder if this is an elaborate April Fool. Sadly this is not an April Fool, although it is one of the most foolish things that any politician has ever proposed. Do you seriously think government dictate can re-make humanity?

“I ask you to reconsider and to think again before introducing such a destructive and harmful policy.”

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