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Gay bishop thanks Scottish Church for recognising ‘all God’s people’

Gene Robinson, the openly gay American bishop barred from attending the Lambeth Conference, yesterday praised the “inclusive” outlook of Scots clergy as he spoke of his belief that worldwide Anglican Communion would eventually recognise “all God’s people”.

The bishop, who was invited to Scotland to preach, said no-one ought to be apprehensive of change within the Church, but that it would adapt and survive.

“I think the Communion will survive. It will change, but the Church has changed many times in its history. We should not be fearful of that,” he said.

In Glasgow yesterday to deliver a sermon, he said Scotland represented a “very appropriate” location for his return to the altar, given it was the Scottish Church that consecrated a bishop for Connecticut in the 18th century, effectively planting the foundations for the Anglican communion in the country.

Full story at The Scotsman.

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