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From Africa to Home Scotland

One of Home Scotland’s newest members of staff recently returned from a trip to help orphans in a war torn African country.

Margaret McGroggan had only been with the Dumfries-based housing association for nine days before she left on a pre-arranged trip – with the Glen Aros Christian Fellowship volunteer group – to Kagala, a village on the outskirts of the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

The group, which meets in the Stakeford and Summerville Community Centre in Dumfries, sent £5,000 to the orphanage early in 2008 which allowed a well to be installed giving not only children in the orphanage access to clean drinking water but the whole village.

The church group went to the village to see the well in action but also to look at other ways to help the Caring Heart Orphanage, which houses over 300 children, many of whom lost their parents to HIV and Aids or in the civil war that plagued Uganda for many years.

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