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Fresh look at divine providence

Yesterday saw the opening of a three-day international conference at Aberdeen University in which the idea of divine providence will be discussed by prominent theologians. Arguments over divine providence, the idea that everything occurring in both nature and history takes place under God’s control, are hardly new, but organiser Philip Ziegler insists fresh thinking will be brought to the subject.

He said: “The conference will break fresh ground in the analysis of divine providence by exploring a wide range of arguments concerning its form, significance and viability within contemporary thought.”

To highlight the contemporary nature of the debate, the writings of evolutionary biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins will be scrutinised.

The issue of divine providence will also be explored in relation to politics, ethics and the church. Co-organiser Francesca Murphy said that in the past 50 years theologians had “thrown in the towel” over divine providence, and that the symposium in Aberdeen University’s divinity department could bring about a revival.

• Full story at the Aberdeen Press & Journal.

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