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Free Presbyterians condemn ‘false evangelism’ of Perth-based evangelical Challenger Bus

Challenger bus

Challenger bus

The Free Presbyterian Church’s Outer Isles Presbytery has issued a statement condemning false evangelism, urging parents not to send their children to the Challenger Bus when it next visits the islands for evangelistic purposes.

The Presbytery views the theology and worship of the Perth based charismatic organisation as “highly dangerous to the souls of the young.”

The statement, which is to be read in all the congregations of the Western Isles in coming weeks, identifies widespread spiritual declension and lax attitudes to Church membership in island Churches.

Information regarding the activities of the charismatic Church group was provided in a report to the Presbytery at its meeting on 5th March. Run by People with a Mission Ministries (PWAMM), who have links to the Faith Mission Pilgrims of the 1950s, Challenger Bus organisers claimed significant success among children and teenagers in Lewis last summer. The Challenger Bus is sponsored by several island churches including some local Free Churches.

Among the activities which the Presbytery report deplored was the use of DVD presentations by Charismatic American evangelist Louie Giglio. The Presbytery has identified his teachings and methods as erroneous and dangerous and warns against attendance at meetings where such material is used.

• Full story at the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (website not available on Sundays).

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