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Free Presbyterian Church and cyclists on collision course over Glasgow race

Free Presbyterian Church in Glasgow

Free Presbyterian Church in Glasgow

More than 150 worshippers at the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, near Charing Cross, may have to fight through hundreds of world class riders taking part in the British Cycling National Road Race as they attempt to attend the morning service on Sunday June 23.

The church, in Woodlands Road, is in the middle of the 14.2km loop that starts and finishes in Glasgow Green, taking in major city landmarks in the city centre and the West End.

It will be surrounded by parking restrictions and road blocks for the event.

Woodlands Road is one of many that will be shut during the day-long event, which includes a women’s race from 9.30am-1pm and a men’s race from 1.30pm-5.30pm.

Members of the congregation are angry that they will not be allowed to park near the church.

They also point out members of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland do not use public transport on the Sabbath.

Despite this, Reverend Roderick Macleod has reassured worshippers the 11am service will go ahead.

He said: “We have a right to worship God on His own day, which I don’t think any council can take from us.

“Everyone that can get there will be there, and if we can’t get there we will be worshipping on the street as near our church as we can.”

• Full story at the Glasgow Evening Times.

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