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Evangelists challenge Church over engagement with young people

A new book launched this week by the Church of England appraises how the Church relates to young people through worship and mission today.

Young People and Mission, edited by Church Army evangelists David and Alison Booker, is described as an “important book” with a “big vision for mission” by Bishop Roger Sainsbury, Chairman of both the Centre For Youth Ministry and the National Youth Agency.

The book explores issues such as how Christian youth subculture can distance young people from the Church. It also seeks to help young Christians understand other faiths and the implications of living as Christian in a multi-faith society, as well as explore the challenges and benefits of working alongside uniformed organisations such as Scouts, Guides and the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades.

“We wanted to create a book on mission and young people that wasn’t afraid to ask difficult questions or recognise that working with young people can be frustrating as well as exciting,” state David and Alison.

“So often we still see mission as getting young people into church rather than mission as transforming God’s world.

“We believe that mission is about seeing young people so touched by knowing God’s love that they want to see his kingdom come in the world.

“Sometimes churches can be tempted to stick their head in the sand and ignore difficult issues or think that if we just work a bit harder everything will be all right. We wanted to tackle head on some of the tough issues facing those who work with young people.

David and Alison were behind the launch of Church Army’s project that now delivers daily Bible notes free by e-mail to over 7,000 people a day.

Full story at Inspire Magazine.

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