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EIS accepts church veto on teachers

Scotland’s largest teaching union has accepted a controversial legal
ruling paving the way for a significant escalation in the rights of the
Catholic Church over employment of teachers in its schools.

Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) has issued advice to its members
that all teachers who apply for a job or promotion in denominational
schools have to get approval from the Catholic Church on the grounds of
their "religious belief and character".

The move follows
an employment tribunal involving an atheist teacher called David McNab,
who accused the church of discrimination on the grounds of his religious
beliefs by preventing him applying for a promoted post teaching pastoral

Although he won his case, the tribunal reaffirmed the
church’s right to approve all teachers in its schools under the 1980
Education (Scotland) Act – a practice that had never been widely adopted
by local authorities.

Drew Morrice, assistant secretary of the EIS,
said: "There are those who have a view that this practice is
discriminatory and some people feel uncomfortable about the change, but it
remains the case that this is what the law provides."

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