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Donald Allan Maclean

Obituary of Donald Allan Maclean, Post Office executive; born December 2, 1917; died December 12, 2008.

Donald Allan Maclean, who has died aged 91, was one of that dwindling band of veterans of the 51st Highland Division who fought General Rommel’s panzers in a desperate rearguard action on the French coast at St Valery in 1940.

Over 30 years later, the climax of his civilian career as a senior Post Office executive came when he supervised the introduction of postcodes to Inverness and the Northern Highlands.

Domhnull Ailean, as he was invariably known to fellow Gaels, was the epitome of a Hebridean gentleman, erudite, well-read, forthright in his views, strong in his opinions, but always courteous and considerate to others. Although slight of build, he was extremely hardy, a quality which helped him survive nearly five years of privation in a German prisoner of war camp in occupied Poland.

Although never a communicant member of any denomination, he was a faithful Church of Scotland adherent, quietly devout and religious.

Full story at The Herald.

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