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Dispatch from the Isle of Lewis

The question of how you enjoy Sundays is the most enduring and explosive issue on Lewis, writes Matthew Engel.

This is the last repository of stern and overwhelming Presbyterianism in Britain. Indeed, one half had the feeling the graveyard was placed by the bay just to remind the surfers and sunbathers that youth and joy constitute very temporary conditions. That fact is usually obvious at Dal Mor, where there are three hundred and plenty days a year when sunbathing is unthinkable. And it is particularly obvious on a Sunday.

While the rest of Britain has long forgotten the notion of a sabbath, Lewis has not. Tesco, which just moved into the capital, Stornoway, has no plans for Sunday opening; the golf club is closed; the sports centre is closed; children’s playgrounds carry signs saying “Please Respect the Sabbath”, which is Hebridean for “Go Away”.

• Full story at the Financial Times.

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