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Deer Church plans to turn communion tokens into crucial cash

A Buchan church plans to turn communion tokens into cash in an effort to raise funds to renovate the building.

Members of Deer Parish Church want to sell communion tokens to pay for the refurbishment of the main body of the kirk next year.

Property convenor Sandy Corner explained: “As part of Longside Parish Church’s renovations, word came back to Old Deer that communion tokens were being packaged and sold as a means of raising money to help pay for redecoration.

“Browsing through the cupboards in the session room in Old Deer Kirk, I came upon a number of boxes, which revealed on closer examination, a large number of communion tokens belonging to Ardallie, Clola and Deer Parish Churches.

“We are all accustomed to the elders, twice a year, making a circuit of the parish, handing out communion cards, which members of the congregation return on their visit to church for the communion service.

“But before cards were used, members of the congregation were examined by the minister or elder to ensure that they were deemed ‘worthy’ to be admitted into the Sacrament.

“These tokens were handled with reverence and respect allowing entry into one of the great traditions of the Christian Church.”

Mr Corner says the tokens are very much sought after by collectors online.

Full story at Buchan Observer.

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