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Cross with the voters at your peril

Driving through the streets of Glasgow East, the names pop out at you: St Mary of the Assumption; Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart; St Paul’s; and, in the middle of it all, the hulking scaffold of Brother Walfrid’s Celtic FC, writes Eddie Barnes.

More than a third of the voters here declared themselves Catholics in the last census, making it one of the most Roman areas of the country. Now Son of the Manse Gordon Brown is about to have his destiny decided largely by the members of this sometimes obstreperous clan – a fact which last week was used to explain why Brown had postponed a vote on the contentious issue of embryology research.

Of course, like most people, faith does not top the list for most Catholics when they consider their priorities before voting. They are more likely to consult their bank statements than Humanae Vitae before heading off to vote.

Full story at Scotland on Sunday.

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