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Clash over Angelika meeting time

The defence lawyer in the Angelika Kluk murder trial has accused a sheriff called as a witness of giving “imprecise” evidence.

Donald Findlay QC clashed with Aberdeen Sheriff Kieran McLernan, who had told police he spent a few minutes with Angelika the night before she vanished.

The jury was shown video of the pair spending 45 minutes outside the Glasgow church where she had been staying.

Peter Tobin, 60, denies murdering and raping Angelika and other charges.

The jury at the High Court in Edinburgh watched a recording from CCTV cameras which showed the sheriff’s Rover arriving outside the St Patrick’s Church complex in Anderston, Glasgow, at 2047 BST on Saturday 23 September last year.

Sheriff McLernan, 65, and Angelika, 23, were returning after visiting a golf driving range in Bishopbriggs earlier in the day.

The court heard that Sheriff McLernan later told police officers: “We spoke for a minute or two then I left.”

But the video appeared to show them together for 45 minutes, partly in the street and partly in Sheriff McLernan’s car, before a figure headed back into the drive of the chapel house and the car drove away.

The sheriff admitted he had given information to the police that was “obviously incorrect” and said that at that stage he had no idea he had spent so long in her company.

Full story at BBC Scotland News.

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