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Churches prepare welcome for BBC’s ‘honest and challenging’ Passion

BBC1 has announced a major drama series on the last days of Jesus to be broadcast across Holy Week 2008.

Andrew Graystone, Director of the Churches’ Media Council, encouraged the Christian community to welcome the BBC’s Passion unreservedly. He has discussed the project extensively with the producer Nigel Stafford-Clark, and has seen extracts from the series, which is told from the point of view of Caiaphas, Pilate and the disciples.

“This is a straightforward account of the last few days of the life of Jesus, told with honesty and passion. Obviously it is a work of drama not theology. It wasn’t conceived as an exercise in evangelism.

“But it springs directly from the story of the gospels. It promises to be the most honest and challenging account of Jesus seen on TV in many years. It will prompt believers and unbelievers alike to think about Jesus. We want to encourage and contribute to those discussions.”

Full story at Christian Today.

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