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Church that’s been doing rather well south of the border for 175 years

The Church of Scotland has a host of activities planned for a year-long
celebration of 175 years of worship in Carlisle – including a visit from
the ‘Scottish pope’ [sic]. The church has been based in Chapel
Street since 1831, after land was granted to it by the Earl of Lonsdale.
The only Church of Scotland place of worship in Cumbria, it is one of just
five in England.

A thanksgiving service on July 1 will be given by
the Rt Rev Sheilagh Kesting, the moderator of the General Assembly of the
Church of Scotland. Andy Cunningham, one of the elders at Carlisle, said:
"This is a real coup. She is the highest person in our church – "the
Scottish pope if you like " – and has so many demands on her time."

story at the Cumberland

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