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Christians in the arts face ignorance and prejudice, says Scottish composer

In a lecture marking the 30th anniversary of the Sandford St Martin Trust, Scottish composer James MacMillan will argue that religious people in the arts, culture and media face ignorance and prejudice about their beliefs on a daily basis as a result of a “new secular, liberal orthodoxy” in which “to be religious is to be reactionary, bigoted and narrow”.

“The time has come”, he will argue, “for Christians in the public square to be more forthright in resisting the increasingly aggressive attempts to oust them from it.

“To do this they must continue to speak truth to power and express their insights and creativity from a firm and confident understanding of their traditions and their beliefs.”

The Divine Spark of Music is being recorded by BBC Religion & Ethics for transmission on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 22nd October at 8.00pm with a repeat on Saturday 25th October at 10.15pm.

Full story at Christian Today.

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