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Christian parties clash over hanging

Rival Christian parties clashed yesterday over proposals for a referendum on the death penalty and the suggestion that prisons should be built in third world countries to take Scottish inmates.

The Scottish Christian Party not only wants a referendum on bringing back hanging, it has radical ideas for solving the current overcrowding in Scottish prisons.

The Rev George Hargreaves admitted he was “thinking out of the box” as he said of his Scottish Christian Party vision: “If we can export our call centres to the far east and take our rubbish to the far east, we could deal with prison overcrowding by sending it overseas. Why not take our lemons and make lemonade for someone else?”

The Scottish Christian Alliance were appalled by his ideas. “We are absolutely against capital punishment as we are a pro-life party in every sense, and as for this overseas prisons idea, absolutely not, this is just crazy.”

Full story at The Herald.

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