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Christian fireman wins apology over gay stance

A Christian fireman who was disciplined for refusing to attend a gay pride march has won an apology and compensation from his employers.

John Mitchell, 37, took a stance on moral grounds as one of nine firefighters who disobeyed orders to hand out leaflets at the event in Glasgow.

The Roman Catholic father-of-four received a written warning and was ordered to undergo “diversity training”.

Mr Mitchell decided to go to court after exhausting the internal appeals process and Strathclyde Fire Board has now admitted that his religious views were wrongly ignored.

He is understood to have received substantial damages as part of an out-of-court settlement with his employers.

Mr Mitchell, who lives in Glasgow and was a pallbearer at the funeral of the former First Minister Donald Dewar, said a gagging clause prevented him from discussing details of the matter.

But a friend of the family said there were times when he thought he would lose his job and his family received anonymous phone calls threatening violence.

• Full story at the Daily Telegraph.

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