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Chav yourself a merry Christmas

Christmas is no longer Christmas, it seems, without someone giving the traditional Nativity scene an ironic modern remake.

You could soon be receiving an online card transporting that famous scene from a stable in Bethlehem to the streets of Glasgow.

In what some are inevitably dubbing the Chavtivity, Mary and Joseph are shellsuited layabouts pushing a pram.

Against the backdrop of a vandal-shattered Scottish bus shelter, the not-so-celestial beings receive gifts of tribute from three hooded teens.

Naturally, there’s no gold, frankincense and myrrh from these dishonoured guests – instead, they appear to be offering the baby some Buckfast, cigarettes and a stolen satellite box.

The image emerged last year but appears to be spreading rapidly this time around – especially with people sending more virtual cards.

The mystery online artist behind A Glasgow Nativity Scene is not the only person remarketing Christmas for the masses.

The BBC is preparing a new look Nativity show set in Liverpool – with Mary and Joseph as illegal immigrants and actress Jennifer Ellison playing an angel.

Full story at The Metro.

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