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Charity Commission wants to increase support for faith-based charities

The Charity Commission in England has announced plans to increase its support for faith-based charities. The regulator will launch a new Faith and Social Cohesion Unit to encourage faith groups to register as charities and “improve their effectiveness” by working to strengthen their governance and accountability, the Charity Commission said.

“Many faith-based organisations do not realise they have the potential to register and gain the benefits of charitable status,” said Dame Suzi Leather, Chair of the Charity Commission.

A number of Christian places of worship and some Christian charities which were previously exempt from registration will now have to register after the Charities Act 2006 made changes to the existing rules.

Dame Suzi said the new team would work within faith communities to “promote awareness of the need to register, of good governance requirements, and of the Commission’s role as the independent regulator”.

The unit will focus on providing support and advice to faith groups through outreach work, capacity building and training, and the issue of a number of publications and guidelines.

Funding for the unit will be provided by the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Full story at Christian Today.

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