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‘Celebrate’ multi-faith education

First Minister Alex Salmond has said that hostile attitudes towards Catholic schools in Scotland need to change. He argued that the contribution made by faith-based schools to the education system should be celebrated.

Mr Salmond made the comments as he delivered the Cardinal Winning lecture at Glasgow University, during Catholic Education Week.

The first minister recognised the work of Cardinal Keith O’ Brien to promote the work of the Catholic Church.

Mr Salmond said: “Scotland’s diversity is a source of strength, not weakness. For too long the attitude of some has been, at best, grudging acceptance of Catholic education and, at worst, outright hostility.”

All faith-based schools, said the first minister, played a significant role in helping to shape, inspire and strengthen the ability of young people to learn.

He went on: “Education has been the mission of Scotland’s Catholic Church. And education is the foundation on which the Scottish Government is building a better, more successful and more just society in Scotland.

“The way to solidarity is not to diminish the role of faith but to promote regard, respect and understanding of all faiths in Scotland. Nowhere matters more as a place to promote this thinking that Scotland’s schools.”

Full story at BBC Scotland News.

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