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Bishop Stephen Robson

Bishop Stephen Robson: We must fight the ‘culture of death’

Each year, around the Feast of the Visitation of our Lady, the Catholic Church in Scotland celebrates the Day for Life, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the meaning and value of human life at every stage, and in every condition. Human life is a sacred and precious gift from God and must be […]

Sexbots could increase objectification of women and children, warns Salvation Army

Sexbots could increase objectification of women and children, warns Salvation Army

Last week, a report about sex robots warned about the ‘dark side’ of the technology, which could involve issues of rape and paedophilia. And now The Salvation Army has had its say on the controversial sexbots. The charity claims that sex robots could ‘fuel demand for sex with people’, and even lead traffickers to exploit […]

CARE for Scotland's parliamentary officer, Gordon Macdonald

Scotland to presume consent for organ donation with ‘soft opt-out” law

Scottish lawmakers announced last week that the government will introduce a “soft opt-out” system for organ donation. The system, which has raised medical ethics questions in other countries, presumes consent unless an individual has opted-out of donations before their death. “We have made a transforming decision in Scottish politics,” said Anne McTaggart, a lawmaker in the previous […]

Anthony Horan, Director of the Scottish Catholic Parliamentary Office

Children facing bullying over pro-marriage and pro-life views in Scotland

School children are being verbally attacked for believing in traditional marriage and upholding the life of the unborn, MSPs have been told. Numerous accounts – including one girl being told she ‘wasn’t a real woman’ because she did not support abortion – were revealed by the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland. Another student was told […]

New Justice and Peace film highlights 'Scotland’s shame' at Dungavel

New Justice and Peace film highlights ‘Scotland’s shame’ at Dungavel

A new short documentary-film released on behalf of Justice and Peace Scotland is aiming to highlight the issues taking place at Dungavel [detention centre]. Created by parish media group Sancta Familia Media, who are based at Holy Family Church, Mossend, created the video with Justice and Peace following their recent solidarity outside Dungavel Detention Centre […]

Colin Hart

Swinney downgrades Named Person advice to ‘optional’

Scotland’s Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, has warned local authorities that state guardians can only offer optional advice, after last week’s Supreme Court judgment on the Named Person scheme. A statement released at the weekend urges local authorities and health boards to “take care to reiterate the voluntary nature of any advice, information, support or […]

Salvation Army group launches Scotland election films

Salvation Army group launches Scotland election films

A set of films encouraging people to vote in Scotland’s Holyrood elections in May has been launched by the Salvation Army. Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Roberts who works for the Salvation Army told Premier faith and politics are good partners. He said: “There are things that you can do to prevent issues happening in the first place […]

Ruth Davidson

Scots party leaders call for Named Person pause

Parents’ concerns about the Named Person scheme should be addressed and the whole proposal paused, the leaders of the Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Labour have said. Ahead of the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections, Party leaders backed the idea of holding back on the Named Person plans which are due to come into effect in August. […]

Colin Hart

Majority of Scots against ‘intrusive’ Named Person proposals

Almost two-thirds of Scots parents believe the Scottish Government’s plans to appoint a “named person” for every child is “an unacceptable intrusion”, a new poll has found. And fewer than a quarter of Scots (24 per cent) think every child should have one of the state-appointed individuals to assist with their “wellbeing”, according to a […]

Peter D. Williams

Abortions count for 27 per cent of all deaths in England and Wales

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there were 506,790 recorded deaths in England and Wales in 2013 – the most recent year for which figures are available. These, however, do not include abortions. Separate figures, also compiled by the ONS, reveal that a total of 185,331 abortions took place in England […]

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