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Lewis islanders strike back over Star Wars Sunday cinema

Lewis islanders strike back over Star Wars Sunday cinema

When the curtain goes up on a screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the Isle of Lewis this month the sound of intergalactic conflict is likely to be drowned out by an unholy row*. On a Hebridean island notorious for its stern-faced Sabbatarianism*, the latest instalment of the Star Wars’ franchise is to […]

Free Presbyterian Church in Glasgow

Free Presbyterian Church and cyclists on collision course over Glasgow race

More than 150 worshippers at the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, near Charing Cross, may have to fight through hundreds of world class riders taking part in the British Cycling National Road Race as they attempt to attend the morning service on Sunday June 23. The church, in Woodlands Road, is in the middle of […]

Challenger bus

Free Presbyterians condemn ‘false evangelism’ of Perth-based evangelical Challenger Bus

The Free Presbyterian Church’s Outer Isles Presbytery has issued a statement condemning false evangelism, urging parents not to send their children to the Challenger Bus when it next visits the islands for evangelistic purposes. The Presbytery views the theology and worship of the Perth based charismatic organisation as “highly dangerous to the souls of the […]

Call for greater Presbyterian unity in Scotland: currently 11 denominations

Five years after calling for the Christian map of Scotland to be reworked in his Moderatorial address at the 2007 Free Church General Assembly, Rev Dr John Ross has again urged like-minded Presbyterians to explore a united witness. Dr Ross said “confessional Scottish Presbyterians need to meet face-to-face to talk and pray together” before “irrevocable […]

Scottish independence: Self rule would be a ‘provocation of God’ say Wee Frees

An independentScotland would weaken the position of the Christian Church and be a ‘provocation of God’, according to the Free Presbyterians.Rev Allan MacColl, spokesman for the Scottish Free Presbyterians, known as the ‘Wee Frees’ said religion and morality were in a “terrible” state across Britain. He added: “But present constitutional arrangements guarantee Christian religion in […]

Free Presbyterian Church warning on independence vote

A vote for independence could jeopardise the position of the church, it has been claimed. Present arrangements, in place since the union of 1707, enshrine Christianity at the heart of the nation, according to the Reverend Allan MacColl of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. “The guarantees that the Treaty of Union secure will be […]

'I fear hunt for Noah’s Ark has cost my brother his life'

The brother of a Scots explorer who has gone missing searching for Noah’s Ark in eastern Turkey has said that he is probably dead. Donald Mackenzie, 47, from Lewis, had been searching on Mount Ararat, after a Chinese expedition claimed it had found the remains of the Biblical vessel earlier this year. His brother Ross, […]

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