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Cardinal attacks ‘aggressive’ secularism gaining ground in UK

The leader of Britain’s Catholics [sic] claimed yesterday that “Judaeo-Christian values” were the only thing binding British society together, on the eve of a lecture series on the place of faith in British public life.

Speaking to the Guardian, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor hit out at representatives of an “aggressive secularism” that he believes is gaining ground in the UK, defended the Catholic Church’s combative intervention last week in the debate over “hybrid” embryos, and argued that Christian leaders should hold a privileged position over the representatives of other faiths when it came to their input into public policy.

The cardinal’s comments are likely to bring him into conflict with his first speaker, Tony Blair, who is expected to use his lecture tomorrow to launch his inter-faith foundation. It will be the first public statement on faith by the former prime minister since he stepped down in July and converted to Catholicism.

Full story at The Guardian.

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