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Brutal death of minister’s wife

A Kirk minister tried to murder his wife with sleeping pills, stabbed her twice – then strangled her to finish her off.

Frail dementia victim Isabella Coley, 71, somehow survived the pills overdose and the knife attacks by her husband, Richard.

And she staggered bleeding into the bathroom of her home to confront him after he plunged his blade into her heart in the second knife assault.

Coley, who was standing at the sink preparing to kill himself, choked the life out of his wife of 46 years before cutting his wrists.

The 70-year-old churchman survived the suicide bid but hanged himself at the family home on Friday after he was released from Carstairs state mental hospital.

He was due to face a murder trial in April next year.

Coley claimed he killed Isabella as an act of mercy because he could no longer cope with her illness

But a source close to the case insisted it was cold-blooded murder, and told how Coley transferred money out of his wife’s bank account before attacking her.

• Full story at the Daily Record.

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