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Brian McLaren in Scotland

“Jesus didn’t come to start a religion,” Brian McLaren challenged Scottish Christians to rethink the life and teachings of Jesus during a five day tour.

The best-selling Christian author spoke at a variety of venues – from traditional churches to a student union nightclub – addressing church leaders, theologians, students and others.

Addressing the need for critical church engagement on gospel and cultural issues, Brian spoke on everything from a fresh understanding of what it means to see Gods’ kingdom come here on earth to the Church’s response to some of the major problems facing the world today. Brian challenged Christians to get a grip on our own message in light of a rapidly changing culture in the 21st century. He said for many Christians, the gospel is equivalent with issues of life after death and with the question of what will happen when we die? But Brian encouraged Christians to think about the gospel in terms of God’s plan for the earth and to be conscious of issues such as global warming.

The events, co-hosted by the Evangelical Alliance Scotland and The Network Churches provided an opportunity for a wide range of Christians to reflect upon their theology of mission. While several people questioned the Evangelical Alliance’s involvement in this project and some of the evangelical constituency may not endorse all of Brian’s views, the Alliance believes it is vital that we listen to and engage with the voices shaping the missional debate today.

Audio and video podcasts of parts of the tour will be available soon.

• Full story at the Evangelical Alliance.

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