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Bishop Devine: ‘Labour are damaging society and the welfare of children’

The leader of Lanarkshire’s Catholics has hit out at Labour once again ahead of the May 3 election.

Bishop Joseph Devine has said that Labour’s intrusion into spiritual and moral matters is damaging society and the welfare of children.

The bishop has already ignited a pre-election debate by declaring he won’t be voting Labour because policies such as civil partnerships and adoption for same-sex couples fly completely in the face of Christian tradition.

The Bishop of Motherwell said: “The Labour government’s increasing intrusion in spiritual-moral matters is damaging society and the welfare of our children.

“It has trivialised the sacred role of marriage and the traditional family while pressing ahead with the new government-imposed morality that all lifestyles are equal and that all types of family are equally good at bringing up children.

“Labour has presided over the most anti-family legislation this country has ever seen.

“As Bishop Tartaglia stated ‘Catholics are tired of being bullied into accepting an intolerant new orthodoxy on social/moral issues while the family and marriage are constantly attacked by a very anti-family Labour Party’.”

Full story at Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser.

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