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Bid to open new ‘Buckie’ winery

Monks who have been making the famous Buckfast Tonic Wine for the last 100 years want to expand and move production to a modern new winery at Buckfast Abbey.

A planning application has been submitted to Dartmoor National Park who describe it as a major and substantial plan.

The high alcohol content tonic wine, produced by the Benedictine monks using a recipe from France, must continue to be made within the grounds of the abbey to keep its name.

Architects have come up with plans for a green meadow roofed building in a bid to get permission for the new building because it is on land not earmarked for industrial development.

More than 10 per cent of all sales of the tonic wine are in Lanarkshire in Scotland.

Buckfast Abbey is a major employer in Buckfastleigh partly because of the manufacture of the wine.

• Full story at the South Devon Herald Express.

Buckfast Tonic Wine is made by the Roman Catholic Community of Benedictine monks at Buckfast Abbey in Devon, and distributed by J. Chandler & Co (Buckfast) Ltd of Andover.

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