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Anti-nuclear `Bin the Bomb’ campaign launched in Scotland

A week-long series of events opposing British government’s plans to build
a new generation of nuclear missiles was launched in Scotland Friday. The
events, organized by Scotland’s for Peace, include vigils and rallies
being held throughout Scotland culminating in a mass march in Glasgow on
Saturday, February 24. The campaign brings together the Church of Scotland
and the Scottish Catholic Justice and Peace Commission together with trade
unions, the United Nations Association and a whole series of peace groups,
including the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The events,
entitled the Bin the Bomb roadshow, are also supported by British MPs and
members of the Scottish Parliament, who are due to address the Glasgow
march. An opinion poll by ICM for Scottish CND at the end of January 2007
found that 73 per cent of the people of Scotland, where Britain’s Trident
submarines are based, oppose spending billions to replace the nuclear
missiles.Last September, over 1,500 people took part in Scotland’s Long
Walk for Peace, from Faslane naval base on the west coast to the Scottish
Parliament in Edinburgh under the banner to ‘Make Trident History.’ The
Glasgow march coincides with a national demonstration in London, when the
anti-war protesters seeking the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq
join forces with anti-nuclear campaigners in a united call against
government plans to replace Trident.
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