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Anti-bigotry report ‘suppressed’

The Scottish Executive has been accused of deliberately suppressing a report about sectarianism in football. It details claims from fans that Strathclyde Police officers are making the problem of sectarianism worse rather than helping solve it.

The report was carried out for the executive by the director of football studies at Glasgow University, Bert Moorhouse, who said it should have been published last year but his work was withheld.

He said: “I wasn’t pleased that my report was not published. I was told the day before it was not published that it was not being published. I feel the report has been very badly handled by the Scottish Executive.”

The report has seen the light of day now because the Scottish Sun newspaper has obtained it under the Freedom of Information Act.

The paper claims that officers who support Rangers or Celtic are accused of taunting fans of other clubs. Police are also said to turn a blind eye to Old Firm fans’ sectarianism.

Full story at BBC Scotland News.

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