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Alexander Hamilton

Obituary of Alexander Hamilton, RAF Wing Commander; born December 15, 1912; died March 25, 2007. “His DSO was gained during a brutal run into target at railway sidings at Hanau in a bitter January when his plane was rocked by a massive explosion and the fuselage filled with dark, acrid smoke. Although temporarily blinded, he fought the lumbering bomber back on to an even keel and battled through the flak successfully to complete his bombing run.

“Hamilton was born in Glasgow to missionary parents of Scottish and Irish stock who served in India stations. His father died of septicaemia after a dental accident and the boy was sent to John Watson’s Institution (for orphans of professional people) and then attended George Watson’s as a boarder.”

“He left the RAF in 1958 and held posts in business development and charity management before retiring in 1977. He joined the congregation of, and became an elder in, Glasgow Cathedral, where his funeral service was held yesterday. His companion in retirement was his wife, Mary, with whom he enjoyed nearly 70 years of marriage before her death last year.”

Full story at The Herald.

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