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Addict catches bus back from brink

A former heroin addict from Port Glasgow has told the inspirational tale of how he turned his life around with the help of Christian group Teen Challenge.

Laurence Deary was at rock bottom when he visited a night bus run by the group seven years ago.

His subsequent road to recovery took him from Scotland to Wales, then India and Africa — but the biggest journey was making it back from the brink.

Laurence, 38, said: “I was a heroin addict, hanging about Robert Street and tapping people for money. I had lost my job, my house and my car — everything basically.

“My sister took me to the bus at the Needle Exchange in Dubbs Place one night. I met Roy Lees there, the man who founded the bus ministry, and he showed me there was a way out.”

• Full story at the Greenock Telegraph.

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