Jeremy Irons to star in new film about St Columba

Oscar winner Jeremy Irons is to star in a major new movie about the saint who brought Christianity to Scotland [sic].

The film on the life of St Columba by Shadowlands director Norman Stone will be shot either in Northern Ireland or the west of Scotland.

Bafta-winner Stone, whose films include Florence Nightingale and CS Lewis – Beyond Narnia, said: "Jeremy is perfect for the role. He is fascinated by Columba, especially given his Irish ancestry and connections.

"He just can’t wait to get started. This will be a wartsand-all portrayal.

"I see Columba as a man of incredible faith, integrity and strength – but at times flawed.

"He struggled with hunger for power. He was cunning, brave and an independent spirit which sometimes he found difficult to fit into his holy orders.

"But he was a gifted man who changed the religious and social map of Scotland and Britain.

"He was not a saintly saint and this film will be more of a character study and a political thriller than a Christian epic.

"Columba will not wear a halo. It needs big-screen treatment and in Jeremy we have the right person to deliver the performance we are looking for."

• Full story at the Sunday Mail.