Christians ‘cannot vote for Scottish independence in good conscience’

Rev Dr John Ross

Rev Dr John Ross

Christians cannot vote for an independent Scotland in good conscience because it would lead to a secular state, a former Free Church of Scotland Moderator has warned.

In a paper to the Free Church General Assembly about the forthcoming referendum, Rev John Ross said a successful ‘Yes’ vote would result in Christianity “being deprived of state recognition as Scotland’s national religion” for the first time since the Reformation.

Rev Ross said the Scottish Government’s White Paper on independence was “dishonest” in claiming that separation would result in no change to the legal status of any religion or of the country’s churches.

His intervention came as the Scottish Secular Society announced its support for separation, arguing that the British state gives unfair protection to “certain forms of Christianity”.

But other senior Free Church figures in the church have argued that the Nationalists’ reassurances should be taken at “face value” and voters face a choice between a secular Scotland and a secular Britain.

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