Salvation Army group launches Scotland election films

Salvation Army group launches Scotland election films

A set of films encouraging people to vote in Scotland’s Holyrood elections in May has been launched by the Salvation Army. Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Roberts who works for the Salvation Army told Premier faith and politics are good partners. He said: “There are things that you can do to prevent issues happening in the first place […]

Most people in Scotland 'not religious'

Most people in Scotland ‘not religious’

More than half of people in Scotland now have no religion, according to research. Findings from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey show 52% of people say they are not religious, compared with 40% in 1999 when the survey began. The proportion who say they belong to the Church of Scotland has fallen from 35% in […]

Bishop Brian McGee

Church’s new bishop meets Rothesay congregation

The new Roman Catholic Bishop of Argyll and the Isles, Brian McGee, visited Bute for the first time in his new role this week. He celebrated mass at St Andrew’s Church in Rothesay on Wednesday evening before meeting and chatting to parishioners at a social event afterwards. Mr McGee’s appointment was announced in December, though […]

St Bridget’s Kirk, Dalgety

‘Nationally important’ church spray-painted by vandals

A 12th century church has been targeted by vandals. St Bridget’s Kirk, Dalgety, was spray painted in the latest attack, as a national heritage charity has called residents to help protect the nationally-important monument. Historic Environment Scotland said there have been a number of reported incidents. Richard Aitken, of Historic Environment Scotland, said: “Mindless vandalism […]

Kezia Dugdale

Four Scottish party leaders are now out as LGB, as Labour’s Kezia Dugdale comes out

Scottish Labour Party leader Kezia Dugdale has revealed that she has a female partner. Dugdale’s coming out in this interview with the Fabian Society, means four of Scotland’s political party leaders are now out as LGB [lesbian, gay, bisexual]. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, Scottish Green Party leader Patrick Harvie and UKIP Scotland leader David […]

Rev David Robertson

‘Gender-fluidity’: Free Kirk accuses Scots political elites of virtue-signalling, indoctrination and demonising opposition

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland has written to Nicola Sturgeon calling for a debate on ‘gender-fluidity’ after the First Minister announced that an SNP Government would ensure Scots could change their gender to something other than male or female. In his letter Rev David Robertson said that the […]

Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland to give legal recognition to people who are neither male nor female

Scotland is set to become one of the first countries in Europe to give legal recognition to people who are neither male nor female. Nicola Sturgeon pledged to reform gender recognition law to “bring it into line with international best practice,” if the SNP returns to power after the May 5 election. The pledge signals […]

Ruth Davidson

Scots party leaders call for Named Person pause

Parents’ concerns about the Named Person scheme should be addressed and the whole proposal paused, the leaders of the Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Labour have said. Ahead of the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections, Party leaders backed the idea of holding back on the Named Person plans which are due to come into effect in August. […]

Tom Harris

David Cameron’s shallow, clichéd Easter message shows why politicians really shouldn’t do God

Ted Cruz gets it, writes Tom Harris. When the US Senator was declared the winner of the Iowa caucus in February, his first words to his adoring fans were: “To God be the glory!” And he meant it. That’s the thing about America: constitutional separation of Church and state prevents prayers being said in schools […]

Mendel Jacobs

First official Jewish tartan unveiled

Jews around the world with a love of all things Scottish will now able to dress in an official kosher tartan. The distinctive blue and white design was created by Mendel Jacobs, the only Scottish-born Rabbi living north of the border, and has been registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority. The tartan, featuring distinctive tones […]

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